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Pricing for basic web sites

1-2 pages complete with customized design, as low as $200.00. Set up included.


A basic web site will be set up ready for viewing after your final approval with content provided by customer. There is no basic limit to length of page though webmsaster will recommend a length based on needs of each client and reserve the right to increase cost if customer requests exceptionally long pages with lots of content.


A basic web site includes full design of home page and one additional "content" page. Once the basic set up is decided, additional pages are quoted based on expected time. McWit Creative Works will attempt to give you the most service for the least amount of money. That is why standard pricing is impossible. Each client is individual and each very different. Every need is different so MCW wants to assure you that you are not being overcharged for the service you are getting.


Content pages generally include information and photos within that page. A basic page would not include photo galleries, shopping carts, etc. Those items would be quoted as the needs of the client are determined. Because building this type of information is more extensive, instead of having a set fee, MCW likes to evaluate your specific needs. It may be that it will take less time than that of others, thereby costing you less.


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