About Me


If you're looking to find beautifully and professionally done products and services, you're at the right place. I do this more as a hobby than a business. Whether you need a web site, have written a book and need it laid out or proofed or need photos converted to a DVD presentation, or need an advertisement for the newspaper, check with me. Some of the websites I have buit can be found here at FAVORITE LINKS.


I love to brainstorm with you and help you learn how to develop your marketing materials or do them for you. I will assist you in learning how to operate software so that you can cut costs by creating your own projects, or I will work directly with you and your specialists in developing your materials right from the concept to the finished product.

I love creating things in my free time and yet provide a quality service or product.

Each page of my website explains a bit more about the things I like to do.

If you're having problems accessing any of any of the website pages, or the information you desire is not here, don't hesitate to ask for help by email.



Maxine McClanahan

Maxine has degrees and certifications in computer science and the arts. She will oversee each and every project personally to assure the highest quality in your finished product.


Maxine has spent many years working in photography, graphic design and marketing.

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Education and experience are key.
My educational background and years of experience working with computers and software provide an excellent base of knowledge for working with you. I am able to sit with you and learn your likes and dislikes and create a product that is perfect for you.

Artistic capabilities.
I come from a family of artisans so I have the gene. I have been told I can make magic with a computer. I am experienced in many softwares so I can utilize this to create just the perfect product for you whether it is a logo, a photo enhancement, a website, notecard, business card or other product.

Why Me?

  • I'm local
  • I'm experienced
  • I'm trained
  • I listen
  • I'm detail oriented
  • I'm reliable
  • I'm efficient
  • I'll price you right